ART and love?

I have often been asked by my friends, family members and fellow peers, “do you love this(referring probably to an art piece I would be working on)? and I would answer quite confidently, ‘yes, I do’. It sounds like a wedding scene doesn’t it? the preacher binding two souls together for eternity. One could say that is how it has been since I understood what it is I could do with my artistic abilities.

I remember in primary school, my friends envied me, because I could draw a perfect box car with the most coolest rims, and a spoiler at the back. They would beg me to draw them a car, and I would…for free! (laughs alone). That has changed though, art has taken a new form, a new face. Reminds me of the movie Face Off starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. Art obviously was Castor Troy(Cage) and was taken over by a malicious Sean Archer(Travolta). It has been like that for awhile now where I don’t love art the way I used too. It has politics, discourses, movements etc. But this has not killed my love for art entirely, because I am still creating. That is evidence enough that art is still within me.

As I have asked in the title of this post, does art and love have anything in common. Well I can not say if they do not have anything in common, but I can say with confidence that art is  propelled by love, love for food, love for travel, love of a person, love of a dog, love of oneself and ultimately love for love’s sake. If you go through the history of art, I am sure, as I am sure about the birthmark on my face, that you will find traces of love everywhere. It may not look the way you like it to look like, but like I have said, art has many faces, so does love.

I have often wondered where art will take me, like religion, we wonder about our end, our twilight, our dimming of light. No answers have arrived so far, and honestly I am not fazed about the lack of answers, lack of knowledge as to our end. But if one would to look at art now, 21st century art, you will see that man is no longer being portrayed as of this world. He is ascending, fading away, deforming, floating etc. But he is not of this world. Yet he loves this world, he lives for this world, but aspires to ascend to a new existence, an existence of bliss, an existence of art, an existence of love.

signed. koketso letlape

Who Is To Say What Art is?

I was up all night yesterday trying  to make this idea of what art is much more acceptable to me.


It is quite important to me to understand what it is, for many believe it to be a means to millions and recognition. I am very sure most of you will disagree with this belief of art being a commodity. But unfortunately that is what it has become in this day and age. 


the beginning

The first step is always the hardest, but the most important, as it marks the beginning of a march forward, a stride to greater heights. The Arts is but a world where countless of people go on a journey, and all have taken that first basic step forward.

it begins with the basics.